• Are you a skate shop owner looking to provide your customers with superior skate blade maintenance? The MAXIMUM EDGE training program incorporates our own profiling and patented finish process. The training agenda is the same as the program used for the N.H.L. and other teams. The only difference is it targets retail customers and their needs. Solving skating issues for your customers establishes major credibility for your sharpening and maintenance business. We do not establish members on top of other member areas. Check out member locations from our list - many prime areas still open.


  • The MAXIMUM EDGE Equipment Managers training program is designed to increase the information used to maintain the team skates to improve on ice player performance. Our first training session on July 22 & 23, 1994 had seven students and since then we have trained team managers from all levels of hockey from the N.H.L. and down. Skate machine operator safety, blade profiling and learning the knowledge to solve on ice skating issues are just some the agenda. Upon completion of the one or two day programs, the student receives a certificate for the professional training. We offer a 100% guarantee and if you're not satisfied we will cancel the invoice. Note: we have never cancelled an invoice.
  • Submit your information and a MAXIMUM EDGE representative will contact you about your application and training. Training dates to be set to accommodate students. This year most weeks are open. Contact us to check for availability.

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