ME1 Maximum Edge Quick Square

Sold to the pros for over 20 years – patented tool used for square edge sharpening.

ME2 Magnetic Angle

Replacement Angle for Quick Square

ME33 Replacement Thumbscrew

Replacement thumbscrew for Quick Square

ME35 Maximum Edge Skate Guards

20% of damage occurs off the ice or in the hockey bag - protect your sharpening

Odour Stop

Actually works because it kills the bacteria causing the smell and its safe on skin. Lightly spray equipment from helmet to inside skates and allow to dry.

ME47 Odour Stop with Spray Nozzle (1 litre)
ME46 Odour Stop (4 litre)
Odour stop refill – be green – return your empty spray bottle for a refill and save $2.00

ME97 Custom Blade Sleeve

Separates and protects your spare replacement blades. Note: purchase an extra set of steel for tournament play and emergencies. Also great for carrying sledge blades.

Maximum Edge Profiled Replacement Steel

Can be ordered and shipped with custom blade sleeve.
Price depending on size. Please contact us for details.

ME45 Small Skate Stone

Stone 220 includes sleeve (4 x 1 x 1/4)

Great to have in hockey bag to remove small burrs between sharpenings.

ME25 Trainer’s stone Deluxe 220

Best skate maintenance stone in skating used by the pros – can be used on both the blade sides as well as the radius.

ME10 Skate Stone 220

Skate stone 220 (6 x 1 x ¼)

ME11 Skate Stone 100

Skate stone 100 (6 x 1 x ¼)

ME9G Skate Stone fine polish 400

Skate stone 400 fine polish (6 x 1 x ¼)

ME28 Maximum Edge Sharpening Wheel

Maximum Edge custom blend skate sharpening wheel (8 x 1 ¼)

ME37 Diamond Dresser #2 Standard

Diamond Dresser #2 Standard

ME38 Diamond Dresser #3 Sharp

Diamond Dresser #3 Sharp

ME55 Cross Grind Dresser

Cross Grind Dresser includes diamond face

ME55R Replacement Diamond Face

Replacement Diamond Face for cross grind dresser

ME43 Table Brush

Skate sharpener Table Brush

Extra Long Drill Bits

ME75 Extra long drill bit used to pre-drill figure skates (3/32)
ME76 Extra long drill bit used for rivet installation (5/32)


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